For those of you who would like to participate into online discussions about cooking, I have found a new Walhalla! The Discuss Cooking website consists of endless cooking fora where members can connect with each other.  From recipes to tips and tricks, online kitchen aid, kitchen techniques, health and nutrition, useful kitchen tools, etc. food lovers can find everything they need on the website. Continue reading ‘What’s up in the kitchen?’


As stated in the business plan of Who’s Cookin’, we want to reach and attract both chef and clients through important forums, blogs and twittering. Easy said, easy done?

Where do you find important and influential bloggers and how do you know that they will continue to be read by numerous followers? We want to launch Who’s Cookin’ on the Flemish market, but we cannot limit ourselves to Flemish blogs. After all, language is not a border in the blogosphere, is it?

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If you want to grab your reader’s attention online, you need to stand out. That said, there are about a gazillion blogs and tweets online that are crying for attention. How can you still make sure your post is the one that is read? One thing clearly helps: include ordered lists in your title.

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We all know that cooking has been trendy for a while. Think for instance about the numerous cookbooks in your local bookstore, television programs about cooking, websites to exchange recipes and so on. For Who’s Cookin’ to become a success, this trend must of course be a lasting one. We have serious reason to believe that this will be the case.

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Today I read an article in De Standaard about Twitter, which made me wonder how safe a Twitter account is. A Frenchman hacked the Twitter accounts of both President Obama and pop singer Britney Spears. It wasn’t the first time ‘Hacker Croll’ hacked some accounts. In 2009 he even got access to financial information about the Twitter website itself.

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A few months ago, Digg – a social network site where people can discover and share content from all over the web – implemented in-line advertisements, also known as Digg Ads.

Only four months after they launched, these kind of ads have proven to be successful and a win for users, advertisers and, maybe most importantly, for Digg itself. Do I smell a new trend in the SNS-world? Continue reading ‘Digg Ads, the Next Best Thing or a New Winning Formula?’

Choosing the right business model for our internet start-up isn’t that easy. After reading an article in the Economist it was easier to compare business models. I realized that they could be combined to make the most of it.

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